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What Is The Best Low-Carb Diet?

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What is the best low-carb diet for weight loss? There are many different types of low-carb diet, and my favourite is the Keto Diet, but what makes the Keto Diet the best low-carb diet for weight loss in my opinion? Firstly, it is very flexible, especially if you buy The Custom Keto Diet, which as the name suggests is customised to your specific characteristics such as your weight, sex, age and importantly food preferences. You can read more about the Custom Keto Diet in my review article, here.

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What Makes The Custom Keto Diet The Best Low-Carb Diet?

It is a common misconception among newbies to think that if you are reducing carbs you are following the Keto Diet. There some rules that need to be followed and while there are many variations in the Keto Diet the basic tenet is that you need to significantly reduce carbs; most recommend a maximum of 5% of carbs per day which for most people is fewer than 50 grams with 20 grams recommended to ensure you move into ketosis. The rest of your calorie intake is typically split between 20% protein and 75% fat. For most people this promotes rapid weight loss and significant improvements in overall health.

So other than these obvious health benefits and the rapid weight loss, what do I like most about Custom Keto Diet? Firstly, it is so easy to follow, and is an eight-week plan that is customised to the foods that you like, so can fit easily into your busy lifestyle. It even provides a detailed weekly grocery list for Keto Diet to help you adapt to the low-carb lifestyle, making it perfect for beginners and those that have tried to cut carbs before but found the rules too complicated to follow or didn't understand that cutting carbs is not the same thing as following strictly the Keto Diet. All you have to do is buy, download and follow the rules of the diet as closely as you can and you will lose weight. There is no risk involved in following The Custom Keto Diet, as it comes with a money-bank guarantee and you don't have to worry about spikes in cholesterol either as the Diet is balanced to avoid this. This is hands down the best low-carb diet that I've come across.

What Is The Custom Keto Diet?

In a nutshell, The Custom Keto Diet is simply a diet that limits carb consumption. While many diets limit fat consumption, they also serve to mask the fact that you are dieting. To get your ideal weight with The Custom Keto Diet, you are advised to eat a sufficiently large portion of fatty foods in any given meal. This is not an exercise in cutting fat out of your diet - it is about changing your eating plan in a way that gets the carbs out of your diet. Many consider Keto to be more of a lifestyle than a diet, so it may be worth considering Keto to be more of a lifestyle intervention than a diet.

It may seem confusing to take on such a diet since in most diets you are advised to eat fewer high fat foods rather than more. The Custom Keto Diet is basically a diet with a few simple tweaks to the ratio of fat and carbs in your diet. To start, keep carb consumption to minimum; you need to eat no more than 50 grams of carbs a day, preferably fewer carbs than this, 20 grams is recommended, otherwise the Keto Diet will not work as you will not have achieved ketosis. I have written an article around what foods you can and cannot eat on the Keto Diet, which you can read here.

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To get the best out of the low-carb diet it is advised to have a meal plan that is easy to follow, even for beginners: the key thing for the Keto Diet is to achieve ketosis as quickly as possible as this will increase the speed with which you start to lose weight. This is why The Custom Keto Diet works so well as it gives you the exact foods to buy in your weekly grocery list, in the exact quantities and tells you how much you need to eat per day making it fool proof to quickly enter ketosis.

It is not always easy to follow a low-carb lifestyle. It takes commitment and time to do things the right way and this particularly important as the success of the Keto Diet depends so heavily on attaining ketosis. The Custom Keto Diet plan is meant to be a guide to help you remove carbs from your diet and replace them with healthy fats. One of the best things about a low-carb diet like The Custom Keto Diet is that it advises to buy the best quality whole foods that increase your health and well-being at the same time as you lose weight, and by buying whole foods you automatically avoid foods that are bad for you, like saturated fats, the deadly trans-fats, and bad cholesterol (LDL).

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In summary, The Custom Keto Diet is specifically designed for you by professionals. There is a panel of fitness trainers, chefs, and nutritional experts making sure that the strategy is developed and customised for you after taking into account your general health, and your choice of foods. It has a money-bank guarantee so there is little risk to yourself to try it and see if it works for you and to see how well this fits into your lifestyle. The Custom Keto Diet comes highly recommended, and if you follow the plan correctly it will guarantee you a leaner and healthier body. You can read more in my review article, or you can buy it directly from this link.

the custom keto diet, click to get your free ebook